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Myths & Misconceptions

When we are ill and searching for answers, we often look for the potential causes behind our symptoms. This often leads an individual on an expanded search of the internet. While this is not inherently bad, we can be misdirected with false information, whether intentional or unwittingly produced. As I have researched from credible sources, meta-analyses and random controlled trials, as well as perused the internet media to see what is out on particular subjects- I have realized that much of our information is flawed. This is because we are flawed in our ability to see and understand every small intricacy of the human body. At times as researchers, we focate on one topic, formulate a hypothesis and then test it. However, there are so many confounding variables to every outcome that it is indeed a limited resolution. And all too often, we forget to look at the body of evidence as a whole, and see how all organ systems fit together. Therefore, I wish to help you recognize a few misconceptions of our current day.