Lyme Disease

I have seen multiple patients who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease- and never had a tick bite! And years later, their spouse or loved one receives the same diagnosis. The growing fear about Lyme Disease being from a tick bite is unfortunately based upon incorrect information. The big misconception right now is that Lyme disease is caused by borrelia, a bacterium spread by the deer tick. This is not true, and this belief stands to be corrected. I believe that Lyme Disease is predominantly viral.  When a retrovirus like Epstein Barr activates, it creates a cascade of cytokines. Cytokines are chemical messengers that tell the body where to fight the infection. These very cytokines can awaken other pathogens and viruses in the body, and like dominoes they begin to grow and thrive. The immune system cannot keep all these active viruses and pathogens in check, and the body becomes riddled with infection. Thus we see co-infections of Babesia, Bartonella, or Mycoplasma- these are all activated due to Epstein barr and cytokines, hence the complex diagnosis of Lyme. But it is truly viral, and the treatment should be focused as such.  Antibiotics should not be used in Lyme disease- indeed, it weakens the immune system further, promotes more aggressive growth of the virus, and will promote neurological decline. If you or a loved one has Lyme Disease, there is hope! It takes time, patience and the right tools- but complete resolution from Lyme disease can be had. It is boosting immune system function, treating the virus and eliminating any and all barriers to immune system health that will make treatment a success.