Candida is a single celled organism that inhabits our gastrointestinal tract, and is often referred to as "yeast". It is beneficial to us in many ways, and we truly need to have balanced flora with candida and other bacterium in our gut to thrive and survive. But a current trend is that systemic candida is the cause of a plethora of health concerns. Indeed, many individuals are placed on anti-candida diets, or candida cleanses. While this may decrease the quantity of candida in the bowel, it does NOT correct the underlying condition that caused an overgrowth of this organism in the first place. Indeed, an overgrowth of candida is a sign of immune system suppression. When our immune system is overridden with toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and retroviruses, it can no longer attend to the delicate balance in the bowel flora. Indeed, much attention is being diverted to bowel health these days, but the reason bowel health suffers is due to immune system dysfunction. The immune system is a powerful tool to keep our bodies well, to heal from disease and to counteract inflammation. But when it is overloaded with multiple burdens- it cannot focus on the entirety of them to keep us well.