Autoimmune Diseases

I have always wondered why our bodies- which are so resilient and capable, would ever turn on itself. It never sat well with me, and up until recently I was searching for the truth to this misconception.  The truth is- our bodies do not attack themselves!I don't believe they were designed to do that. Indeed, when one has been diagnosed with an "autoimmune" condition, it means that the pathogen- viral or bacterial- is currently unknown or unseen by the medical community. The body is fighting an infectious agent, and it is fighting in favor of that person! How disheartening would it be to be told that your body is fighting itself? It is defeating, and leaves us feeling defective and demolished. This is not the truth. The body has a remarkable, incredible ability to heal from sickness when it is given the right tools to do so. Please know your body is NOT fighting against itself. It is doing everything in its power to fight FOR you.