There are so many beliefs and ideas about the cause of autism, and the list continues to grow. Indeed, millions of dollars have been spent trying to determine the cause of this growing problem. After having done extensive research into epigenetics as well as evaluating the genetic testing of patients, I have recognized that autism is due to heavy metals located in the brain. Individuals who have problems with MTHFR, CBS, glutathione transfer proteins, SOD enzyme function or other immune modulating proteins, will have a decreased ability to detoxify from heavy metals. These individuals are limited on glutathione production and therefore cannot tolerate a large introduction of metals and toxins into their body at once, without it causing undue harm. Heavy metals are behind many cases of depression and anxiety and the majority of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's disease. I would entreat everyone to fully research ways to protect yourself and those you love from heavy metal exposures. Indeed they surround us everyday, but there are ways to reduce direct exposure to them. If heavy metal exposure has occurred, it is possible to help eliminate them from the body, but one must do so in a safe and slow manner. Yet, doing so will prevent a progression of disease and improve functionality, perhaps even reversing some disease processes. One can heal and recover from heavy metal exposure, and get their health back.